Orestes Carracedo

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Updated January 2024 from my home in Barcelona.

Home & life

I'm splitting my time between the city in Barcelona and the countryside in A Coruña and León.

Our cat Michus passed away in 2023. He left us with the memories of the fantastic 13 years we spent living and traveling together.

Community, volunteering and mentoring

I've been focusing on my health for the past few years, so I stopped most of my software community contributions as an organiser, speaker and mentor. I'm still finding time to mentor a brilliant student and friend (say hi to Fran!), but I don't have bandwidth for more.


I'm writing Open Source software that's published on my GitHub.

Though less frequently than before, I'm still streaming as I code Open Source projects on my Twitch channel.


I've been able to put some more time into doing stuff away from a screen. In the summer of 2023 I started learning pottery at Risco Estudio (10/10 will keep coming back). I loved it! Now I have a pottery wheel so I can enjoy the piece and quiet while creating something with my hands.

2024 is starting with studying music again. We bought a Yamaha P-145 digital piano which feels very adequate for my beginner level.


At the end of 2023, I left New Relic.